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Shanghai KatochTire Co., an enterprise specializing in the R&D and manufacturing of solid tires for industrial vehicles and engineering vehicles. The company is committed to providing customers at home and abroad with optimized solid tire solutions. The company has worked with R&D experts and teams from the United States to create more than 10 kinds of compound formulations suitable for different use environments to meet different application conditions. Household demand. LUBEEK tire is the independent R&D brand of Kaituo Tire Company. With customer service as the center and customer needs as the starting point, it strives to build customized professional tires. The products meet the standards of TRA, ETRTO and JATMA in the United States, Europe. Its inflatable tire rim solid tires and compact solid tires are suitable for aviation ground vehicles, high altitude operation vehicles and port aircraft. Machinery, mining machinery, waste garbage yard operation vehicles, steel plant / aluminium plant / glass plant interior special vehicles and construction vehicles and other fields. Shanghai Kaituo Chi is in port machinery (gantry crane tire, front crane tire, flat Trailer tire), iron and steel metallurgy (scrap bulk material transfer, profile transfer, slag treatment, steel ladle transport tire, flat Trailer tire, loader tire, grabber tire, reclaimer pallet), mine (bracket transport tire, friction rubber wheel, guide rubber wheel), aviation ground. Surface equipment (boarding bridge tyres, luggage transfer tyres, power generation tyres), railway road construction machinery (bridge laying machine tyres, bridge erecting machine friction wheels), road construction machinery (milling machine tyres, hot regenerator tyres, shield machine tyres), pipeline anti-corrosion (production line supporting wheels, rubber tyres), aluminum industry (anode tyres, Trailer tyres) and other industries, the tire resistance. High temperature, electrical conductivity, flame retardancy, aging resistance, rake resistance, piercing resistance, tear resistance, impact resistance, wear resistance, high speed, super load, grip, traceability and other performance are balanced and adjusted to meet the needs of customers to the greatest extent. Shanghai Kaituo Chi Tire Co., Ltd. warmly welcomes your inspection guidance, thank you!
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