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Tire service instructions

Tires can only be disassembled and assembled by trained professionals using special equipment.

Please make sure that the air pressure of the vehicle is normal when it is completely cooled. Correct tire pressure is conducive to environmental protection, safety and economy. Whether the tire pressure is too high or too low is dangerous, which may lead to accidents or tire damage.

The same type of tire must be used on the same axle. No tire of different sizes or constructions should be mixed.

When the rim is damaged or deformed, no more tyres shall be installed and used.

When the tire is worn to the wear indication, it is not allowed to continue driving. The tire should be replaced immediately.

When the tire cord breaks, the drum or tire steel wire and cord are exposed, it must be stopped immediately.

Tire service life is too long (more than three years) when the side of the tire has serious ozone aging cracks, it should not continue to use.

The tire surface shall not be exposed to chemical corrosive articles such as oils and lipids.

Tyres are transposed for half a year or every 5,000 kilometers.

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