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How to Change Tyres Correctly

Can I mix tires at different speeds?

If two different speed levels of tyres are mounted on the same vehicle, regardless of the drive axle, please install the higher speed level tyres on the rear axle to prevent potential oversteering. In addition, do not exceed the maximum speed of the tire to drive the vehicle (e.g. in winter, the highest speed of the tire is generally relatively low, so in use, remember not to exceed the highest speed of the tire).

Can I mix different types of tyres?

For optimal overall performance, all four wheel positions should use the same type of tyre.

Tires of different sizes, structures and wear states may affect vehicle handling and stability. Please note that some vehicles have deliberately used different sizes of tires on the front and rear axles. For example, most of the original sports cars are equipped with front and rear axles of different sizes of tires.

In addition, please do not mix radial and non-radial tires in the same car. If you have to mix tires, do not mix radial and non-radial tires on the same axle. If two radial and two non-radial tires are installed on a vehicle, two radial tires must be installed on the rear axle, while two non-radial tires should be installed on the front axle.

For four-wheel-drive vehicles, if the owner's manual does not contain instructions for the operation of hybrid tyres, please observe the following principles:

Do not mix tires of different sizes. All four tires should be of the same size.

Don't mix radial and diagonal tires. All four tyres should be radial or diagonal.

Do not mix tires with different tread patterns, such as all road conditions and summer tires.

Do I have to replace the existing tires with the same size tires?

Do not choose tyres of different sizes from the original tire. Replacement tyres should be of the same size - or an optional configuration approved by the vehicle manufacturer. The correct tire size can be found on the vehicle information sign on the door or in the vehicle user manual.

Check the tire side markings to see your current tire size.

If I only bought two tyres, how should I install new tyres?

If you only change two tyres, make sure that the new tyres are installed on the rear axle of the vehicle. The reasons are as follows:

New tires provide better wetland grip than old ones.

When the new tyre is installed on the rear axle, the risk of tail flick or water drift on wet road can be reduced.

Do not use second-hand tyres, because you never know what damage the original tyres have suffered.

Internal injuries can lead to tyre damage and danger.

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