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Suggestions for Car and Light Truck Tires

The following are recommendations for cars and light truck tires:

Tires are made up of materials and rubber compounds with various properties, and the characteristics of these components change with time. For a tire, this change is determined by many factors, such as climate, storage, and service conditions (load, speed, inflation pressure, maintenance, etc.) throughout the tire life. There are many reasons for the change of tire, so it is difficult for us to accurately determine the service life of a tire.

This is why, in addition to routine checks and air pressure maintenance, we also recommend that consumers have professionals regularly check all tires, including spare tires, to determine whether they can continue to use them. If a tyre has been used for five years or more, it needs to be inspected by professionals at least once a year.

When to replace a tire is difficult to determine accurately by time alone. Of course, the longer the tire is used, the more likely it will be replaced by aging or other conditions of use.

Most tyres need to be replaced by new tyres within ten years of the production date. Safety considerations, including spare tires and tires that appear to be durable or have not worn the wear indication, should be replaced in a timely manner.

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